A Unique Boutique/Studio Opens New Worth Avenue Location

Quintessential: the most perfect example of quality of a given class (collection) as in: correct, ideal, accurate as possible to be, etc. (Macmillan Dictionary). Essential: basic, indispensable, intrinsic, essence of a thing, in everyday luxury with intrinsic craft value without superficial value.

INTRODUCING — Quintessentials, Viaccessory-eagle-buckle-smalla Amore, Worth Avenue, Palm Beach. A unique concept of sterling silver unisex accessories. Offering newly designed, created, hand-crafted and vintage Collections of .925 sterling silver artisan accessory-brooch-smallcreated belt buckles, bracelets, pendants, rings and necklaces.

Hefty, sculptural in image, sensuous in feel – the QE Silver Collections can excite! Customers at QE are considered as clients that are, or will become knowledgeable in the significant historical and artistic attributes of Collections.

QE owner Stephen Anfang’s first retail venture is an expression of his long term interest in the artistic world of sculpture, architecture, classic clothing and accessories. The QE studio/atelier offers a relaxed atmosphere to view and experience art objects.accessory-all-belts

Complementing the large selection of belt buckle Collections is a wide assortment of exotic leather straps – alligators, crocodiles, pythons, lizards, stingrays, etc. in a rainbow of colors and sizes. All hand-made to QE specifications in the U.S.A, the Collection is stunning in its variety, colors and finishes. Also, leashes (leads) and collars for dogs, cats, or…. are available in all the skins and colors made to QE specifications or those of each client.

The main sterling Collections are one of a kind or limited editions of sculIMG_0394-dog-callorptural art, synonymous with beauty and quality. The opening Collections are: Authenticated vintage stamped “Native American Collection”; one of the largest private Collections of vintage Kieselstein-Cord; sleek, impressive elegance of the “Business and Sport Collection”; “20th Century Modern Silversmith Collection” featuring Georg Jensen Vintage Pre-War accessories at its core; the “Now” look of bold dramatic artistic “Patricia Von Musulin Collection”, and of course, a QE “Original Design Collection”.

Hand carved wax model for sterling silver casting of the Twin Elephants
Wax modeled hand carved for casting of the Twin Elephants

QE is for clients, who know that their own initials are enough, trust and are proud of their own taste and style! QE will not sell mass produced merchandise or imports from underdeveloped countries —- it contracts with American artists, silversmiths, and leather craftsmen. The QE logo – Twin Elephants – was crafted into a limited edition buckle by artisans in New Mexico created from an image found by Stephen.

Located in the most beautiful Via on Worth Avenue, QE joins other notable independent boutiques Marley’s, Sherry Frankel’s Melangerie, Daniella Ortiz, Jackie Rogers, Island Company. Specifically, QE is located contiguous to the new Saint John display windows in Via Amore.

StJames-sweaterAll Collection items selected or created by QE are intended to represent an understated luxury to be fully appreciated over time not as a “brand” but for representation of uniqueness, intrinsic value, quality and style. “QE is a merchant of Quintessential Luxury with one of a kind hand crafted accessories for long term pleasure, comfort, subtlety and inherent value” says Stephen. The Opening lone apparel Collection for the Opening is from Saint James, France, the creator of uniforms for the French Navy in 1871 in a unique weave process used to this day. It then introduced to the world, in 1885, the Breton Stripe Knit tops, now so duplicated by many, including Chanel! Cotton, wool, and blends are offered in several styles and fits. Saint James-Men is representative of understated luxury and value of true beauty and quality that is more appreciated as time and use passes. Stephen notes that women of all ages love the texture and fit of Saint James knits in men’s cuts!!!

As the Collections rotate periodically and items are added continuously to existing Collections, QE is appealing to clients that trust in their own great taste for individuality, uniqueness, classic fashion, and customization. Clients can work with QE for custom design bespoke pieces that will be made by the Artisans that model, cast and finish each one-of-a-kind piece. The client can own the mold!!

Also, a Concierge Service is available to clients from out-of-town that are not able to see the ongoing offerings at QE – a telephone call, email or fax by a registered client will prompt personal servicing of any request that QE can fulfill. The Concierge Service may send an item for personal inspection to registered clients that are not able to visit the Studio. In the future, new Studios are planned for South Hampton and Nantucket, Park City, Carmel, and possibly St. Barts.

QE is hoping that clients will enjoy the Studio experience and appreciate the efforts of assembling our Collections. Quintessentials will strive to be an engaging shopping experience.

QE is an active contributor to the Wildlife Conservation Society www.wcs.org